Geoff McFetridge Makes Toast for OK GO


Before you read this post, you should see this video right now, directed by OK Go, Nadeem Mazen, and Ali Mohammad, with animation by Geoff McFetridge. If this video tickles your fancy, check out more of Geoff’s graphic work at Champion Graphics or his music videos at Director’s Bureau. The Standard Hotel will shortly be announcing a new collaboration from this brilliant mind… so stay tuned. The video was designed for OK GO, the band with the awesome treadmill video, who have recently created this other video for This Too Shall Pass which sort of blows our mind.  

The video was featured as “Pick of the Day” on Creativity online, a forum that assembles the best in advertising, design, and digital creativity. Welcome to the fifth annual Creativity 50. Each year, Creativity Online cite those people and companies that made the biggest impact across all areas of creative culture.


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